Adriana Ayala & Sandra Torres
Adriana Ayala & Sandra Torres's Fundraiser

Support Chicanas Latinas in Higher Education

Inspire one life at a time!

$825 towards $3,000

We are CLF. First generation, daughters of immigrants, come from working class families...and now educated Chingonas!

Join Sandra and I in helping to fundraise for the Chicana Latina Foundation. Every year, we focus on raising funds for CLF because we know that we need gender/racial equity in education, we need to cultivate leaders, and build community.

CLF exists for our survival. Let’s make some Ruckus and continue producing leaders considered “dangerous” and “hociconas.” Leaders who embrace who they are!

Chicana Latina Foundation (CLF) is a non-profit organization in Northern California that has supported first-generation college students, regardless of citizenship status, since 1977. We support CLF because we need this type of organization to advocate for racial justice, diversity, equity, and to shrink the overall racial educational gap.

Any donation gets you in to see the virtual event.

Mil gracias, Adriana Ayala, Ph.D. & Sandra Torres, M.D.