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As a former scholarship recipient and now an alumnae, I can attest to the Chicana Latina Foundation's (CLF) impact in my academics and career path. CLF was instrumental in my leadership development through my undergraduate studies and has ever since provided a community of emerging leaders.

Throughout the years, CLF has empowered more than 700+ Chicana Latinas as they embark on their journey to complete their Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees. I am in strong support of CLF because we need this type of organization to advocate for racial justice, diversity, equity, and to shrink the overall racial educational gap. CLF exists for our survival. Let’s make some Ruckus and continue producing leaders considered “dangerous” and “hociconas.”

The Chicana Latina Foundation (CLF) is a non-profit organization in Northern California that has supported first-generation college students, regardless of citizenship status, since 1977. To this day, CLF remains steadfast in seeking social justice and equity by providing scholarships, leadership development, an alumnae network, and other social justice events & forums.

As a dear friend and colleague of mine, please consider making a donation to support the CLF familia, any small donation will go a long way to continue providing venues to empower and uplift Chicanas, Latinas, and our communities.

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